#peopleofmeron, #baristasofmeron, we are all ONE BIG FAMILY. Thank you for this amazing 2 years! Now it’s time for Pancakes DAY @Meron Napoca! <3 Joi, 7 decembrie, aniversăm 2 ani de Meron înconjurați de cea mai cool comunitate a iubitorilor de cafea: #peopleofmeron. Dacă un cappuccino

New coffee lovers in team MERON!

  Delia Head Barista Delia’s first love was design. She was really passionate about her job but there was something missing… human interaction. When she moved to Bucharest, drinking coffee wasn’t a habit, but “going out for a coffee” was always a

Re-opening Meron VIVO

Because the moments we spend together are the ones that makes our lives better, Meron home of coffee expanded coffee shop in VIVO Cluj-Napoca! The new design concept was made to offer more space for what’s important in life: quality time spend with

NEW: Meron is extending the BASICS section

For those mornings when it’s too hard to choose between a cappuccino or a flat white and the only thing you want is the sweet and strong taste of THAT potion which is going to wake you up instantly, we added two

Introducing: Aeropress

  Invented in 2005 by Alan Adler, Aeropress is an unusual alternative brewing method, but a very appreciated one in the same time. Aeropress combines the classic espresso with brew methods and it’s the first choice for coffee lovers or professionals when


Hello #girlsofmeron, it’s time for a beauty giveaway! Meron & Cupio.ro are offering you the brand new MATTIX Matte Liquid Lipcolors collection! Find out below how you can be the lucky winner: __ KISS YOUR COFFEE Good Morning 19 Oct. – 1

Friday 13th: private event @Meron Napoca

This Friday evening, we’re hosting  THE OFFICIAL LAUNCH OF MATTIX MATTE LIQUID LIPCOLORS, a private event for our friends at Cupio. We’ll close our location on the Napoca Street earlier, starting from 6 pm. Get your favourite coffee till then and on Saturday

Official coffee @TeCOMM eCommerce Conference

We’re next spreading our love for coffee at TeCOMM eCommerce Conference Cluj-Napoca, on October 24-25 at Grand Hotel Italia! Supporting a great community of online shop owners and marketers goes to next level this year: Haute Couture your e-commerce business is this

Yellow Grooves OPEN AIR PARTY | August 26

Each summer has a story. Each summer has a night to remember. Each summer has a colour. For us, this means: Yellow Grooves OPEN AIR PARTY. It’s the moment we gather together our #peopleofmeron, the moment we forget our worries and lose

UNTOLD, may these nights be endless!

Hey, You know what they say: your heart is where your favourite coffee is. Or the another way. Or something like that. So to say it frankly – Meron is coming to UNTOLD! Wooohoo! What that means: energy before the concerts quick