New on espresso: Honduras, Finca El Carretón

We know… Sometimes you just want to spend all your day in the coffee shop drinking milk coffee and other days you just want to taste every new origin on the espresso bar and run. That’s why, we proudly present you, Honduras,

Brunch, please!

We know that coffee goes perfectly with a healthy and really delicious brunch. And we have these awesome news for our coffee lovers in Bucharest. If you love coffee but you are also a foodie lover, we prepared (literally) something finger licking

Probat experience – seen through Delia’s eyes

Probat celebrated 150 years of hard work, innovative machines and passion for coffee industry. It was the perfect timing for us to be there, to learn things, to see how the coffee technology leaders do it, because our dream to have our

Regulament International Coffee Day 

Iubim cafeaua și ne dorim ca toți cei care încă nu i-au descoperit părțile frumoase să îi dea o șansă. Și cum altfel să facem acest lucru, dacă nu sărbătorind cum se cuvine International Coffee Day. Pe data de 1 Octombrie, adu-ți

COSTA RICA, Las Lajas (Black Honey)

Everytime a new coffee origin enters our home, we get overly excited. This time, we proudly introduce you Costa Rica Las Lajas Black Honey. With a corpulent and aromatic profile of kiwi and mango, the coffee is carefully handpicked from a 1300-1600m altitude,

TERMS & CONDITIONS Meron Festival wristband

RO AI 20% OFF LA CONSUMAȚIE ÎN LOCAȚIILE MERON PE PERIOADA UNTOLD Explorează Clujul de la o locație Meron la alta și beneficiezi de 20% discount la consumație, pe baza brățării de festival MERON! 1. PERIOADA DE DESFĂȘURARE Discount-ul este valabil între

New #homeofcoffee @ Central Cluj-Napoca

In this fast era, when people can barely find time to hear them thoughts, we created another coffee spot were minds can enjoy silence, taste pleasure and comfort themselves with cozy and unforgettable moments, brought together by an amazing specialty coffee. These

Taking the coffee world by STORM

Welcome to the family, Storm! __ We just completed our team with one of the most performant espresso machines in the world: Storm, the latest Astoria Think Espresso concept, for the first time in specialty coffee industry in Romania! Launched in October