Meron’s Untold story

Untold, the festival we have been waiting for all year long, finally summoned the music lovers from around the world for half a week of full-time partying. ”The capital of night and magic” won its entitlement during the sleepless nights with fantastic international

Discover the origins of the coffee

Let's trace back the long journey of our coffee to its places of origin, over seas and continents, to some of the wildest places on Earth! From the lagoons and jungles of Brazil to the heights of Kilimanjaro, on the mountain plateaus

Every cup of coffee brings a smile

How to better start your day than with that freaky smile of satisfaction that coffee gives you? You experience it every day. And it fits you perfectly. That’s why we designed new special yellow cups, to describe this particular state of mind,

Meron & Street Food Festival

For 4 days, between 7 and 10 of July, the smell of coffee took over the streets as we attended the Street Food Festival, a major display of culinary skills from the local brands, which took place in the vicinity of the

Rhythm and Wine: live music and a fine wine

Jazzy chords, good vibes and bits of magical singing are to be mixed for you during a startling evening at Rhythm and Wine. The event is meant to bring nice people together in the friendly and welcoming space of our Meron coffee

Meron’s Newcomers

Let’s freshen you up and let yourself get carried away by the amazing flavor of our lemonades: Classic, Mint, Violet, Strawberry and Mint, Strawberry and Gin.  

Meron loves fashion: Galeria de Stil (event)

Meron has always been into fashion and style, therefore we cannot miss an event such as @Galeria de Stil at the Museum of Arts, a spectacular fashion show in Cluj where Romanian designers and their work will be present. We will bring

Meron, proud supporter @ Gala Presei Clujene

As proud supporters of the local news, Meron will be at @ Gala of the local media, to witness the awarding of the best journalists from Cluj-Napoca. We will bring the coffee to the event, so come along and keep your fingers

Toghether all day long

  Enjoy a slice of cheesecake over coffee with a friend. Or spend a nice evening with a glass of wine and a delicious cheescake.      

Meron @ Jazz in the Park Bogata

Meron invites you to Jazz in the Park, Bogata! Yes, that’s exactly the place where Snoop Dogg accidentally checked-in recently. But we’re going there for real this time! Maria Răducanu, Jazzybirds, Les Nuages Danaga will perform on a sunny Sunday, 3rd of April