Brunch, please!

We know that coffee goes perfectly with a healthy and really delicious brunch. And we have these awesome news for our coffee lovers in Bucharest. If you love coffee but you are also a foodie lover, we prepared (literally) something finger licking

Probat experience – seen through Delia’s eyes

Probat celebrated 150 years of hard work, innovative machines and passion for coffee industry. It was the perfect timing for us to be there, to learn things, to see how the coffee technology leaders do it, because our dream to have our

Regulament International Coffee Day 

Iubim cafeaua și ne dorim ca toți cei care încă nu i-au descoperit părțile frumoase să îi dea o șansă. Și cum altfel să facem acest lucru, dacă nu sărbătorind cum se cuvine International Coffee Day. Pe data de 1 Octombrie, adu-ți

Probat Coffee Symposium

Believe it or not, but you’d better believe it, this weekend, our special correspondent Delia is in Germany, at the 150th Probat Coffee Symposium. Probat is the leading manufacturer of coffee roasting equipment and systems. They decisively shaped the coffee industry for

About Cascara and Meron Cascara Craft Beer

Cascara has taken the coffee word lately, becoming one of the most popular item in the superfoods list, well known for its antioxidant effect. Even if it comes from the coffee plant, cascara doesn’t taste like coffee and has just a small

Instagram Takeover Terms and Conditions

MERON INSTAGRAM TAKEOVER Terms & Conditions (1) Când mă pot înscrie? Te poți înscrie la challenge în perioada 10.08 – 17.08 (până la ora 23:59). (2) Unde mă pot înscrie? Pentru înscriere, vei avea nevoie să folosești profilul tău personal de Instagram,

MERON @ Untold Festival

We started the most amazing feeling this summer will bring in Cluj-Napoca, THE WORLD CAPITAL OF NIGHT AND MAGIC, Untold Festival! Even if most of you think that the espresso machine and the steamer are our favorite soundtracks, we love music almost


  We have REALLY EXCITING news for all the coffee lovers in Bucharest! Because so many of you wrote us that you miss our coffee, we just thought: “why not?” and we started to work hard for a new location in Bucharest.

MERON on CoolList Romania

You know us, and you know that we don’t EVER add sugar in our coffee. But, that doesn’t mean we can not add sugar or spice up the things a little bit, especially when we get really excited. We are on CoolList,


The world of craft beer, alike the world of coffee is based on experience and experiences, talent and a lot of passion. There are no strict recipes, they are constantly improved on brewer’s taste. There are no rules which can not be