Get Oriental with Masala Chai

As the cold, cold weather is following us everywhere, we decided to spice things up a little bit and complete our winter menu with an oriental drink. Inspired by the Indian tradition, Masala Chai is a spicy, yet sweet specialty drink.  

Meron Satu Mare is OPEN for all coffee lovers

We are more than thrilled to say that today we opened our doors for all coffee lovers in Satu Mare! Our 6th Home of Coffee is located in Shopping City Satu Mare and it’s the place to be if you cherish the

NEW on espresso-Columbia Finca Palmical

   As you probably realized already, we love to celebrate! These days we celebrate the last days of autumn with a new origin, Columbia Finca Palmical, available on our espresso menu.  Carefully handpicked from a 1.560 m altitude, from Génova, Quindío region, the castillo

3 ways for coffee lovers to rock this November

November might seem like the gloomiest month of the year: no sun and iced coffee, nor Christmas lights and Frank Sinatra. However, despite of the November blues and moody weather there are a lot of interesting things a coffee lover can do

Kalita calling

Calling for all the coffee lovers!   Great news for our community, especially for those who enjoy a cup of brew coffee. Starting with this season, we added a new brew method in our menu, Kalita Wave. What makes Kalita different from

Barista exchange – First tour

Din doința de a crea o unitate între echipele de barista, dar și pentru a-i ajuta să se apropie și să înțeleagă mai bine  comunitatea #peopleofmeron, am început derularea proiectului ”Barista Exchange”. Cum funcționează? În fiecare lună, doi dintre colegii noștri își

Brunch, please!

We know that coffee goes perfectly with a healthy and really delicious brunch. And we have these awesome news for our coffee lovers in Bucharest. If you love coffee but you are also a foodie lover, we prepared (literally) something finger licking

Probat experience – seen through Delia’s eyes

Probat celebrated 150 years of hard work, innovative machines and passion for coffee industry. It was the perfect timing for us to be there, to learn things, to see how the coffee technology leaders do it, because our dream to have our

Regulament International Coffee Day 

Iubim cafeaua și ne dorim ca toți cei care încă nu i-au descoperit părțile frumoase să îi dea o șansă. Și cum altfel să facem acest lucru, dacă nu sărbătorind cum se cuvine International Coffee Day. Pe data de 1 Octombrie, adu-ți