Sky, sand and MERON @ Neversea

Sky, sand and coffee. The perfect combo to complete four days of awesome music, along with the seaside breeze the festival shivers and emotions you won’t ever want to end. Starting from 5th of July till 8th of July, we are attending

Cool down, shivers up, cold brew

  This summer is yours and the cold brew is a must to keep you awake, cool, and energized to do everything you want to. Before starting that wild night or long road trip, or if you are just in need of

Ethiopia, Burtukaana on Meron’s brew and espresso menu

Coming straight from Yirgacheffe, naturally processed at Sede washing station, this particular lot, stood out through complex citric notes, winey aftertaste and a nice bergamot note. Classic and very characteristic, vibrant and structured, perfect for those who like a distinctive and defined

Special Christmas Schedule @ Meron

  Dear friends, These days are for family and friends. So, if you are looking for the perfect gift for them, we have prepared  something special. Also, please check out our program for these days. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!    

Happy Easter!

Have a sip of energy before your mom makes you clean the room, clean the windows, clean the carpet, clean the car, clean the pet :) Uh, Easter time is here!   Enjoy your time at home. Enjoy your family moments. Enjoy

Opening Meron Platinia

It's official! Our 4th home of coffee will be opened this Saturday @Platinia Shopping Center! Be the first one who enjoys the Meron experience in the coolest place to be right now! And we have a challenge for you: If you are

Join us @ The Woman, Leadership Conference

Share this picture on your facebook timeline with the caption: "Coffee wakes up the leader in me!" and find out on March 12th if you will join the event Conferința de Leadership Feminin The Woman! Update:   We had a wonderful time @

Meron Opening @Bucharest

Our coffee connects Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest! Popping champagne bottles, clinching glasses, happy and nicely dressed people (and of course, coffee) - those were the things to hear and see on 11th October night on Calea Victoriei 155, where our new ”home of