Taking the coffee world by STORM

Welcome to the family, Storm! __ We just completed our team with one of the most performant espresso machines in the world: Storm, the latest Astoria Think Espresso concept, for the first time in specialty coffee industry in Romania! Launched in October

Love smells like Coffee

Love is in the air, and it smells like coffee. This is the reason why everyone should spend their Valentine’s Day in a coffee shop. So, in order to spread some love, we organized a Facebook contest for our beloved coffee lovers.

WINNERS Clujlife Awards 2018

2017 was a BLAST and Meron is again The Most Appreciated Coffee Shop in Cluj-Napoca! We were in this together, and this prize is for you, the coolest community in Cluj-Napoca #peopleofmeron, and for our amazing team! Keep on shining and stay