Hello #girlsofmeron, it’s time for a beauty giveaway! Meron & are offering you the brand new MATTIX Matte Liquid Lipcolors collection! Find out below how you can be the lucky winner: __ KISS YOUR COFFEE Good Morning 19 Oct. – 1

Friday 13th: private event @Meron Napoca

This Friday evening, we’re hosting  THE OFFICIAL LAUNCH OF MATTIX MATTE LIQUID LIPCOLORS, a private event for our friends at Cupio. We’ll close our location on the Napoca Street earlier, starting from 6 pm. Get your favourite coffee till then and on Saturday

Official coffee @TeCOMM eCommerce Conference

We’re next spreading our love for coffee at TeCOMM eCommerce Conference Cluj-Napoca, on October 24-25 at Grand Hotel Italia! Supporting a great community of online shop owners and marketers goes to next level this year: Haute Couture your e-commerce business is this